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i was stationed at Kindley AFB 1965-1968 and we lived up Knapton Hill with a beautiful view of Harrington Sound. My wife and i celebrated our 50th anniversary and are coming back on the 7th of June. We booked a tour with Ralph & Julie with Winsome Tours. Back then i was a good dart shooter and played at the Swizzle Inn on many nights.....we were also in England from 1977-1980 and i brought home many many trophies from varies Leagues i shot with while there.... We asked Ralph if we could stop in there to eat while on our tour.......we did not want to stop in and take a trip down ""memory lane"".......the way i have it planned we should arrive about 630-700pm on sunday the 7th of June......there will be 8 in our wife and i, our 2 sons who were toddlers when we lived there and their wives....and my cousin and her husband.....i have printed out your menu for all to view .......will see you soon Herb Krebs Delaware USA
Delaware, USA