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Hey Guys. Andrea & I just got back to Columbus after spending an amazing week in Bermuda for our honeymoon. Our friends Tammi & Matt told us the we MUST stop by the Swizzle Inn before we left! I'm glad they did! We had an absolute blast hangin' out with you guys and putting back "a few" Rum Swizzle's. We had so much fun we have talked about this becoming a yearly pilgrimage. There is a cheer that is shared by our state, where one person screams the letters....... O - H !!!! & on point you'll have someone inevitably scream back.....I - O !!!!! Here is a pic of Andrea and I sharing a little bit of our culture, since you were kind enough to share yours with us. I told our servers that next time, they have to come to Ohio & we'll spell out BERMUDA.See ya next year! Cheers!
June 7, 2010